Rubber Roofing

When it comes to flat roof protection you can really trust, RubberBond Fleeceback is the number one choice for residential and commercial buildings by architects and builders across the globe.

This unique patented technology is the result of over 50 years’ experience in pioneering technological advances in roofing membranes. It’s a heritage that means thousands of property owners, across the United Kingdom and beyond, have the extra peace of mind RubberBond Fleeceback has given them.

Whatever type of flat roof project you’re embarking on, you can join them and benefit from the same quality and experience. This exceptional flat roofing solution is superb value for money, given it’s durability and aesthetics. Tried, tested and proven, RubberBond Fleeceback gives you the ultimate in high-performance flat roofing membranes.

Suitable for any climate or conditions, and proven to last for over 50 years. When tested against Mother Nature, RubberBond Fleeceback comes out as the clear winner, time and time again.

20-year guarantee
The long warranty you get when you choose RubberBond Fleeceback gives you the peace of mind you’re covered, now and in the future.

Beautiful aesthetics
As well as lasting for decades, this is a flat roof covering that looks beautiful, while keeping your property dry.

Superb value for money
This flat roofing solution is tried, tested and proven to give you the ultimate in high-performance flat roofing membranes at a price you can afford.

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