Sash Windows

PVC-U Sash Windows
Looking for PVC-U Sash Windows? It’s the little details that help make our sash windows as authentic looking as possible.

Our PVC-U windows are designed to be smooth and sleek with slim profile sections giving a better appearance, which is pleasing to the eye as well as offering improved views from the inside and outside.

To complete the timber-like appearance, our windows incorporate the same stylish features found on original timber sash windows such as astragal bars, decorative sash horns and traditional-style operating hardware. The jambs, sash sections and meeting rail are all engineered to look just like a timber sash window, giving you truly authentic looking new windows.

Our uPVC Sash Windows can now be customised to make them look as traditional as you can imagine.

  • Mechanically Fixed – 90 degree fixing for a more authentic timber look
  • Seamless Graf Weld – no prominent welding lines
  • Deep Bottom Rail – thicker sight line for a more conventional look
  • Can be put in Conservation Areas

Sliding Function
Our PVC-U sash’ primarily function, like a wooden box sash with both the top and bottom sashes sliding up and down to suit your ventilation requirements.

Convenient and simple to operate, the two sliding sashes within an outer frame work independently of each other on a balanced load mechanism, designed to hold the sash at any height.

Thermally efficient and environmentally-friendly, our windows mimic the aesthetic appeal of a classic timber box sash window while delivering all the benefits of a modern PVC-U system.

Tilt & Clean Function
Our low maintenance PVC-U vertical sliding sash only require a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

The window sashes feature an inward opening tilt facility to allow easy and safe cleaning of the outside frame and glass from inside the building. This is particularly useful for multi-storey windows or windows positioned in hard to reach places, such as a conservatory.

Sash Windows Deal Kent
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Sash Windows Deal Kent

Wooden Sash Windows
Our timber windows can be as traditional or as modern as you wish. If your home is within conservation restrictions, our experience can provide every option available to you for Sash Windows.

The Traditional option is named so as the design dates back over 250 years. Made from both soft and hardwood, these sash windows are hung using traditional lead weights and single glazing secured with beads or putty, becoming fully draught sealed.

A Classic option is based on the same design as the traditional style; however, it incorporates draught sealing and double glazing throughout. The option is also available to allow the bottom sash to open inwards. There is also the possibility of traditional glazing bars as well as astragal bars.

The Slide and Tilt option looks the same but has up to date technology and design. Each sash operates by spring balances in an aluminium channel and they are secured using solid brass fitch fasteners. The simultaneous tilting of both sashes allows for easy cleaning and great ventilation.